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Safina Sadullaeva - a new name in athletics

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11.08.2021 19:05



Safina Sadullaeva - a new name in athletics

Just Jump: Safina Sadullaeva is going to fight for the Olympic medal

A few days remained before the closure of the summer Olympic Games, Tokyo - 2020, but the national team of Uzbekistan is still ready to please their fans with high results in sports such as light athletics, freestyle wrestling, boxing and canoeing.

Undoubtedly, a young athlete  Safina Sadullaeva has become a discovery of the Olympiad for the fans of Uzbekistan.  It was she who, making the day before 1, 95 m., was able to confidently pass qualifying competitions and reach the final, together with such world famous sportsmen, as Yaroslav Maguchikh, Nikola McDermott, Maria Lasitskene, Yulia Levchenko.


"High jump" is among the top ten most competitive sports. To date, absolutely all countries of the world - 212 are members of the International Association of Athletics Federations (WA), which annually bring up young and gifted athletes to the international arena.

Meanwhile, the uniqueness of Safina Sadullayeva's case is that she has not yet had time to pave a wide path to big sport. Starting as a talented junior (Gold Medal at the Asian Championship among young men and girls in the age category U18 in Doha (Qatar, 2015); Silver Medal at Asian Indoor Games in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan, 2017), Winner of International Tournaments named after Husman Kosanov and Olga Rypakova), Safina did not go beyond the framework of the Asian Games, and even took one year timeout to devote himself to the family and to become a young mother.


Her first participation in the current Olympics has become a powerful upswing in her career as an athlete, which was largely facilitated by the Federation of the Athletics of Uzbekistan.

The determined character of Safina, her self-discipline and the active support of the Federation allowed her to quickly regain herself and enter the ranks of active athletes. By the Federation leadership it was decided to create the most comfortable conditions for the young mother. For Safina not to lose her potential as an athlete during her maternity leave and still to be able to give all her love and care to her little  daughter, the Federation has provided for the possibility of escorting the child and taking good care of the baby during Safina’s sporting events and long trainings.  

And joint efforts of the athlete, the coach and the Federation management were not wasted, as in May this year in Tashkent Safina fulfilled the qualifying standard of 1, 96 m.  and passed for the summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.


According to colleagues, this young athlete has one excellent quality for a sportsman - the ability to work over negative experience and detect and improve professional errors. As Safina herself shared in one interview, during her participation in the Asian Indoor Championships in Iran (2018) her flight was detained in Tehran due to weather conditions and she had to rush straight from the airport to the competitions. Because of the experienced worries Sadullaeva took the 4th place, although with some time for physical training she could win her best. Having mastered the lesson, Safina noted that at any moment there might appear some circumstances independent from the sportsmen, but they should be always ready to cope with any situation.

From Tashkent in online format Safina is being supported at the Olimpic Games  by Alim Akhmedjanov, the Honored Trainer of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the coach of the athletics’ stars.   On the day of the qualifying competition, Alim Ochilovich was also in touch with Safina and gave his comments and recommendations on her performance.


XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo keep presenting many mostly unpredictable situations to the athletes: ranging from regular testing for COVID – 19, with possible disqualification in case of positive testing, strict limitations of people from the support team and to empty tribunes at competitions. Withstand the most persistent ones. One of them is our compatriot - Safina Sadullaeva.

On August 7, a set of medals in high jump among women will be played, and where Safina Sadullaeva will participate. Join us and support our athlete! 

18th World Athletics Championships 15-22.07.2022, Eugene, Oregon
World Athletics U20 Championships 1-06.08.2022, Cali, Columbia
5 th Islamic Solidarity Games 9-, Konya, Türkiye
World Athletics Half Marathon Championships 13.10.2022, Yangzhou, China
Asian Half Marathon Championships Thailand
4th Asian U18 Athletics Championships Kuwait, 13-16 October 2022
World Athletics Cross Country Championships 18.02.2023, Bathurst? Australia
20th Asian U20 Athletics Championships 4 - 7.06.2023, Yecheon, Korea
FISU World University Games (Universiade) Chengdu, China, 2023
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